Common UC essay prompts for app essays

Since you are here, you are probably going to apply to one of the UC schools and your task right now is to get prepared to writing an application letter. These schools are widely known and considered to have a great reputation for their education system and opportunities they give to their students. However, in order to become one of their students, you need to do certain preparations requiring a piece of hard work and efforts. Fortunately enough, you are not going to be alone in this challenging time of yours. We are here to provide you with all the necessary assistance and make it as easier for you as possible. In this article, you will find UC essay prompts for writing your application essay. But most importantly, we are happy to actually take responsibility for your application essay in order to release you from days of writing struggle and make sure your paper will be written in a professional, effective and impressive manner. We understand that your entire future is at stake and we are willing to do our best in order to increase your chances of being accepted to the school of your dream.

Dealing with the assigned prompts

As soon as you get the application essay prompts, you will have to choose four of them and write a narrow answer for every question within 350 words. Since the size of each answer is not very big, your ultimate goal is to show all the best sides of your personality with the minimum of the words used. That might sound scary, but with some proper preparation, you will definitely manage this task. So here are the prompts expected this year:

  • Share one of the examples when you had an experience of leadership, where you managed to have a good impact on other people, showed your abilities of solving problems or conflict situations and made your contribution to the achievement of common goal.
  • Everybody has creative capabilities, which can relate to numerous different skills. Some of them are capabilities of finding the right solution in a problematic situation, some of them are analytical thinking or unique approach to dealing with challenges, while other may be related to art. Share your personal creative capability.
  • Tell about your biggest skill or talent. Share your experience of improving that or another skill or developing your talent. How did you express it in your life so far?
  • Reflect on one of educational possibilities that you had in your life or share a story of overcoming certain obstacles you have been facing on the way to achieving certain goal.
  • Share the story when you had to face a big challenge. What did you feel when accepting the challenge and how did you manage to overcome it? In what way did it influence your beliefs and educational success in particular?
  • What is your favorite subject and why? What makes you be interested in that or another area of studies? Do you see yourself working in that area after graduation?
  • To your mind, is there something that makes you stand out from other applicants? What is it and why do you find it special? In other words, what is it that makes you special as a person and as a candidate?
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These are the UC essay prompts that you will have to deal with when applying to one of the UC schools. Now that you have an idea what you will be asked, let us discuss more precisely how to cope with writing an effective essay and impress the admission officers to make them think you are a worthy candidate.

How to tell your story right

As you have probably noticed, all of the prompts are designed with the same purpose, which is to help you unfold your personality and let you express yourself and show your skills, talents, gifts, strengths, weaknesses, goals, beliefs, dreams and so on. In other words, to help you show who you are and why you are a good candidate to become a student of their school.

So in order to tell your story appropriately and make a good lasting impression on the admission officers, you need to take several steps. Here they are:

  • State the issue. You need to begin with a firm statement that would instantly grab your potential audience's attention. Be confident from the start and put your main idea into one sentence. This will point out the right direction of your thoughts.
  • Provide the solution. This is going to be about your actions. Once the issue is stated, it is the turn to explain how you used to deal with that issue. Make it clear and coherent, explaining everything step by step in an understandable manner.
  • Sum up. Although your essay is not going to be of a big size, you still have to make a small summary just to state the conclusion towards which you were leading your thoughts all this time.

Since your answer to each prompt is not going to take you more than 350 words, you need to be able to provide all the ideas and supporting information within a small text. This means that you have to avoid repetitions and empty phrases, as well as common expressions and other things that seem obvious without even stating them. This means that you have to use every single word in such a way that it serves your purpose. Do not distract and take advantage from each sentence. Each one of them has to be bright and impressive. All the UC essay prompts are designed to make you share your personal story in that or another context. Although you shouldn't be too emotional, you still have to use words that would be able to break into the hearts of admission officers and make them fall in love with your personality.

How to make admission officers like you

First thing you should know when thinking how to make admissions like you is that you will not be able to do that if you lie or pretend to be someone else. The key to success in this particular deal, as well as in all other aspects in life, is to be authentic. You need to be who you are and show all the best sides of yours without trying to seem different from who you really are. In order to understand better how to make your application essay stand out, please consider the following tips:

  • Always keep your target audience in mind. When writing, pretend like you are having a dialogue and the admissions are sitting right in front of you listening to every your word carefully. This will help you to keep your writing alive and passionate.
  • Follow your purpose. You need to always remember what is it that you want to achieve in the end of the day. And that is, you have to show the best of you. For this reason, every time you are about to write a word, think whether it will serve your ultimate purpose.
  • Find your core. Your writing needs to have a style. Your personal writing style is actually the first thing that will either impress or disappoint the admission officers. You have to come up with your style and keep it from the very first sentence to the end.
  • Keep it narrow. Don't use too many words where it is not needed. Instead, make you every statement sharp and clear. You don't want the admissions to guess what you mean. Instead, let them fully understand you and follow your point.
  • Keep it simple. Don't try too sound too smart, it is never going to be natural and will push the readers back instead of attracting them. The most important things are always said in a simple way.
  • Be creative. You may include into your essay an interesting quote that would highlight your personal point. You may also provide a nice joke. All this is good if you feel that it is appropriate and matches the context of your essay.
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  • Be confident about your future. The important thing to remember is that you have to relate your skills, talents and capabilities to the future you see yourself in. You may mention the profession you want to have after graduation or even tell about the highest purpose you see for yourself. Everything is fine, until you are passionate about it.

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